Blues Classic tele pickup set

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Blues Classic Telecaster pickups.
Alexander Pribora scatter wound pickup set fit Fender telecaster with Nickel-silver cover.


Alexander Pribora scatter wound pickup set fit Fender telecaster with Nickel-silver cover.
Made with scatter wound winding.
Single coil is made of Black&Red vulcanized fiber and staggered alnico V magnets. Additionally glued and varnished. Glue eliminates the possibility of detaching the flatwork from the magnets, and the varnish adds additional structural strength and prevents electrical shorting wire on the magnets.
The pickups scatter wound using US made enamelled copper wire.

AlNiCo V
With steel baseplate.
In set – 3 screw for bridge pickup.
AlNiCo V
!!!Nickel-silver!!! cover.

Pickups potted in a mixture of paraffin and beeswax from bee farm of my grandfather.

Additional information

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm

Neck pickup, Bridge pickup, Bridge + Neck

9 reviews for Blues Classic tele pickup set

  1. greg24 (verified owner)

    I got a set of these for a Telecaster I built and was totally amazed at the sound I got out of them. Hence they are going to be my number one choice of pickups for my future Telecaster builds. The guys in the band also want me to convert some of their guitars to these pickups. What more can you say. They are the best.

  2. Albert N Garrett IV

    placed these into my Fender Telecaster (USA) and wow, what a great improvement to the sound I’ve always wanted to hear. Excellent work by Alexander.
    Alexander, let me know when these are back in stock. I have one more Telecaster that could benefit from these.

  3. Василий

    Отличные звукосниматели! Существенно оживили мой китайский телекастер. Хорошая читаемость, приятный тон звука и внешне выглядят очень привлекательно!
    Спасибо, Александр!

  4. Marcello

    Got a set for a low end tele, the sound is now on par if not better than a couple of custom shop teles I used to play, clear and rich sound that makes it a must to go clean for recording.

  5. Daniel

    Have had these for over a year. Placed them in a partscaster and always receive compliments on my sound and tone when I use this guitar to play out.


    En remplacement de mes micros Fender télé std. 98, ceux-ci sonnent aussi précis mais sont plus nuancés, chantants. J’aime vraiment ce set artisanal d’un prix maîtrisé, des micros valorisant et bien construits.

  7. Chad Gates (verified owner)

    Put these in a Mexican tele, I could not believe my ears. They are a touch hotter than I was expecting, but still oh so sweet! Articulate, and full, it really woke my guitar up. The neck pickup is fantastic! The bridge is warm but still twangy, perfect southern rock sound. I am a huge fan, and need Mr. Pribora’s pickups in a strat now!

  8. David Adams (verified owner)

    I just finished a 60’s style Deluxe Telecaster build and installed the Blues Classic set in it. I used CTS 250K pots, 0.047 ufd tone cap, Oak Grigsby 3-way switch, and Switchcraft input jack. I set the pickup height using the excellent WGS (Von Skow) article and these height adjustment values were perfect for this set. I also installed a (150K + 0.001 ufd) treble bleed circuit across the volume pot lugs to keep the tone from getting muddy at low volume pot levels (very important with my Tweed Deluxe amp). This set by Alexander Pribora is outstanding! Best tone, clarity, and picking dynamics I’ve had on this guitar. I picked up this guitar in trade with a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup (in an Esquire configuration when I got it). Converting this build to a Telecaster with these pickups has now made this guitar a serious player–it turns heads at sessions when others hear its tone. These pickups are high quality and outperform others at several times the price. You are a true artist, craftsman and my favorite pickup winder–well done Alexander!

  9. David Adams (verified owner)

    Perfect pickups for USA partscaster. Great detail,clarity and tone. Fantastic sound.

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