1965 Vintage Replacement pickup set fit Fender Stratocaster



Made with authentic details and scatter wound winding.

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This set is made to the exact specifications of 1965-68.

This set has a shooting soft attack, amazing bell tone and a reaction to the actions of your fingers.

Resistance: Neck – 6.24 K, Middle – 6.4 K, Bridge – 6.75 K, DCR +/- 5%


Made with authentic details and scatter wound winding

I studied about two dozen original pickups produced from 1953 to 1970.

I made several dozen tests of the chemical composition of the wire and magnets.

I took measurements of the gauge and thickness of the wire.

I took measurements of the shape and thickness of the vulcanized fiber.

I was able to order wire and magnets based on the data received.

Today I can offer you pickups made with maximum precision. These sensors are made of historically correct components:

– The exact match of the wire, slightly thinner (AWG42 1/2) wire, which is not currently found in the form of Plain Enamel. A thin layer of varnish, strongly baked after application, after which it acquires a dark shade. But not as black as on modern plain enamel. Up to and including 1969, ordinary enameled wire had a different shade of color, see photos of the original sensors. A lighter brown or crimson shade. I was able to produce a batch of wire according to the CBS era wire specification. At that time, the original sensors had 3-gauge wires. These are the standard AWG42, as well as intermediate calibers between AWG42 and AWG43 or AWG41 and AWG42. The resistance of these sensors was usually 5.5-5.8 K and lower for AWG41 1/2. And 6.2-6.4 K and higher for AWG42 1/2. Now what is usually mistakenly called a Low Wound and a Hot Wound.


– Exact match of the magnet. Thickness, height, chemical composition of the magnet.

– The thickness of the fiber, often in the lower fiber it is customary to use a thickness of about 2.2-2.4 mm. The original sensors of the 60s had a fiber thickness of 2.6-2.7 mm. I managed to find a 2.6mm diameter fiber for the bottom part. The protrusion of the magnet under the wire affects the sound, this is also important.


– The resistance of the sensors was determined by the thickness of the wire, not the number of turns. They are usually called hot wound if the industry does not produce wire of this caliber. But it’s a completely different sound. The resistance of my pickups matches the original without loss of timbre.


– A sinuous pattern. Historically, the era of CBS is a machine winding. I used the best of this drawing and added my own pattern, trying to emphasize the sound of that era.

– The most important thing is the sound. This set has a shooting soft attack, a lovely bell tone and a reaction to the actions of your fingers.


The pickups are soaked in a mixture of paraffin and beeswax.


3x Pickups

3x Pickup Covers

6x Screw for Strat

6x Tube Spring


Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 3 cm

Mid pickup RW/RP (non hum in 2 and 4 positions), Without RW/RP (All three pickups are in the same polarity and wound)


Neck, Middle, Middle RW/RP, Bridge, Set


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