1952 Vintage Replacement fit Telecaster



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Authentic 1952 Vintage Tele Pickup Reproduction

1952 Original Alloy Magnets AlNi3 in Bridge pickup and AlNiCo5 in Neck pickup.
1952 Custom-made AWG43 Plain Enaimel wire, chemical composition and diameter corresponds to 50s years.
Wind removed from the original 1953 pickup
For the study used
1953 tele bridge pickup (chemical composition of AlNi3 magnet and wire, wind, AWG43 Plain Enamel of that era).
1952 pedal steel pickup (AWG43 Plain Enamel of that era, chemical composition of the AlNiCo5 magnet for this position).

Output: Bridge 7.7k, Neck 7.58k

Pickups potted in a mixture of black wax.

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Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm


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