Blues on Kalashnikov guitar. Alexander Pribora Blues Classic single coil.

This guy plays on the Kalashnikov guitar gun, the hoe, the shovel and a cigarbox guitar.
All that gets under a hand, is an coolest electric guitar. It remains only to attach the pickup and the string.
Used Alexander Pribora Blues Classic neck pickup.
Blues on Kalashnikov

One reply on “Blues on Kalashnikov guitar. Alexander Pribora Blues Classic single coil.

  • Andreas Schubert

    Hello Alexander, I have installed the Voodoo Set in my 1995 Fender Strat Mexico. Additionally a Babicz Full Contact Tremolo. The sound is great. Just as described by you. Rich, carrying centers, yet depth and brilliance. It smacks and shimmers. Thank you very much. The packaging was great. Little effort packed safely. The materials are very good. Cable top. Polarity error free. Marking top. A note. When turning the magnets in the body, a device would be better to reach exactly the 90 barb angle. Here there were small deviations but only optical effect. In order to minimize the interference from the outside, I taped the cover caps aside with self-adhesive copper foil. The base of the caps then coated with silver paint (50% silver) with fem brush. Leave the holes 0.5 mm free and leave the center 0.5 mm free. The 0.5 mm free pass through on one side to the mounting hole. There are no magnetic effects on the sound. A flexible ground wire is soldered to the copper foil and connected to the pickup ground. The suppression is perfect. OK . Will still order the other set. Best regards from Andreas Schubert from Wernigerode


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