0.09$ winder machine!

Real hand wound pickup for Fender Stratocaster 1979
The real Hand winding, without machine use, only hands.
Hand wound wire, provides not system laying of a wire. Each subsequent turn is put at changeable distance from previous, with different corners and effort.
Winding of one pickup takes 2 hours.

AlNiCo 5 magnets.
AWG 42-Ga Plain Enamel Single Build Pickup Coil Wire. This is the same type of wire that was most commonly used on vintage Gibson and Fender pickups.
The coil is made from black vulcanized fiberboard material.
Wax potted in 80% paraffin 20% bees wax.

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3 replies on “0.09$ winder machine!

  • Barrie Stones

    I just want to say thank you for the wonderful Hot Custom pickups that I bought via EBay. Together with my new swamp ash body they have transformed my sound. The balance between pickups, and the tone of each is just superb! Best Strat pickups I’ve ever had!


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