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  • Gary

    Hi, i have heard many many good things about your bass pickups from fellow bass players. Ive decided im going with the p bass traditional but it seems to be out of stock. Have you any idea when it will be available for purchase again? Regards. Gary

  • Matthew Sullivan

    Mr. Pribora,,

    I discovered your high quality handmade.pickups while searching for pickups in the wee hours of the morning for a personal guitar project. I purchased a Hot Scatterwound for the Bridge position and a Voodoo for the Neck position.
    I am thinking of using a dual rail humbucker for the middle position. Have you considered building Strat rails? – If not, could you please recommend a Strat humbucker with the specifications to compliment the aforementioned Priboras pickups?
    Thank you for your deep dedication to your craft.


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